The Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter #105, Austin, Texas was formed by a dedicated group of Southern ladies who first met at the home of Mrs. Tobin in April, 1897 and received their charter in May of that same year - just one year after the founding of the Texas Division of the UDC on May 25, 1896, and two years and four months after the founding of the United Daughters of the Confederacy on September 11, 1894. From 1897 until 1950 ASJ #105 was the only chapter of the UDC in Austin.

Space does not permit the recounting of all our activities, but a few major achievements must be mentioned.

The first chapter report at the 2nd Texas Division Convention in Galveston on December 18, 1897 read as follows”

“The grand objectives of this chapter are to erect a monument over the grave of Albert Sidney Johnston, that gallant commander who, when dying, begged that his body might be laid to rest in Texas soil. This chapter bearing his name hopes that the entire Texas Division will assist in this work of love. In addition to this, we have taken charge of beautifying the State Cemetery, and committees are formed to visit the Men’s Confederate Home in Austin and do all in their power to cheer and alleviate the sufferings of the veterans there

The body of General Johnston was removed from the Shiloh battlefield to New Orleans and laid in a tomb belonging to Mayor John T. Monroe in the St. Louis Cemetery. It remained there until the committee from Texas arrived. On January 24, 1867 the Texans carried the body to Galveston by steamer and came to Austin on February 1 st. The body was laid to rest in the Texas State Cemetery as set up by the State Legislature in 1854. A simple shaft was erected over the grave. The remains of this broken stone are today a treasured relic in the Texas Confederate Museum. This monument will stand as a mark of credit to the Daughters of the Confederacy and Texas for all time. As a work of art, it bears a national testimonial; the artist’s conception means more to us than the work of art. Elizabeth Ney’s creation is the hour of victory; as he fell on the
Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter #105,
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